In addition to recording at the major Hollywood studios, Sara can also record your flute tracks directly for you from her home studio through the method of REMOTE RECORDING.

What is
remote recording?

If you are a composer, fellow instrumentalist, a vocalist or music enthusiast and you want to include one or more flute tracks to your creative projects, Sara can record for you from her home studio!

This is how it works:

  1. Send a file either via Pro Tools or a WAV file of the score or a mock-up
  2. Send the music of the flute part(s) to be recorded by Sara, or you can have Sara create her own parts for your project or adapt what is in your mock-up. Sara could be your soloist, principal flutist or your entire flute section!
  3. The recording of the flute parts will be done in a dry room so that you will have a clean, clear recording to which you can add your own reverb or manipulate the sound in any way from the dry, clean initial version.
  4. Sara will send you the sample(s) early via Drop Box or WeTransfer, for example, in the format and sample rate you designate, and you can begin listening.
  5. Any desired changes or revisions are most welcomed. Sara wants your project(s) to be perfect and will happily make the revisions you want and will send the newly revised cues back to you promptly for review and approval.



All flute tracks are recorded and delivered clean and dry (unless otherwise specified). This is so the composer can manipulate the sound in any way they want to. Here are several examples with some reverb added to originally dry, clean tracks.

Click here to listen:



INTERFACE: Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo X Thunderbolt 3

PREAMP: BAE 1073 Desktop Mic Preamp/DI with Jensen Bass Transformer

COMPUTER: Macbook Pro, 8-core – 9th generation, Intel Core i9 Processor


(Studio gear can be mobile)

SOURCE-CONNECT SOFTWARE: This software makes remote recording sessions achievable in real-time from anywhere in the world with internet access. It even offers a plugin to connect directly to Pro Tools, that allows users to directly pull audio files into Pro Tools for post-production work.



Sara can also improvise and “stylize” in pop, jazz, folk, ethnic styles, free- style, also classical styles. i.e. baroque ornamentation, etc., and can incorporate various extended modern techniques and modern effects of all kinds on all instruments.

Sara can help advise and help to create flute part(s) for the composer as required. She can also improvise to a given scene without written music, if that is helpful to a composer.


A video of your remote session is a great way to visually document your recording project and add an interesting “behind-the-scenes” element to the making of your project. Sara offers many different video packages for composers to add to their remote recordings. Editing of the video is included in the package.

For more information, please send a message to Sara.

For a detailed listing of flutes, recording gear and photos,
please download this PDF.