The Complete W. F. Bach Flute Duos. Laurel Zucker and Sara Andon-min

The Complete W.F. Bach Flute Duos

Laurel Zucker and Sara Andon, flutes

The Complete W.F. Bach
Flute Duos

Laurel Zucker and Sara Andon, flutes


1 Duo No. 1: I. Allegro4:03

2 Duo No. 1: II. Larghetto4:00

3 Duo No. 1: III. Vivace3:09

4 Duo No. 2: I. Allegro ma non troppo 3:28

5 Duo No. 2: II. Cantabile3:01

6 Duo No. 2: III. Alla breve1:37

7 Duo No. 2: IV. Gigue Allegro2:08

8 Duo No. 3: I. Allegro4:58

9 Duo No. 3: II. Adagio ma non molto4:57

10 Duo No. 3: III. Presto 4:23

11 Duo No. 4: I. Allegro e moderato5:18

12 Duo No. 4: II. Lamentabile6:20

13 Duo No. 4: III. Presto 2:27

14 Duo No. 5: I. Un poco Allegro7:18

15 Duo No. 5: II. largo 6:38

16 Duo No. 5: III. Vivace 3:26

17 Duo No. 6: I. Un poco Allegro2:32

18 Duo No. 6: II. Largo5:46

19 Duo No. 6: III. Vivace 2:04

Laurel Zucker and Sara Andon combine their expertise as flautist in the realm of classical music. Both women are virtuoso performers, veterans that have performed and recorded for many years. The Complete W.F. Bach Flute Duos is an ambitious set being that is a complete group of compositions featuring the genius of Bach. This is not new territory for either performer and that becomes rather obvious right from the start to the very end of the CD.

Laurel is brilliant with adapting her style of playing with other artists and this is yet another triumph for her. Sara is equally adept; in fact, it is very difficult to tell which artist is playing at any given moment, because they complement each other so well. I imagine someone that has been listening to them for years would be able to pick out all the subtle nuances and varying tones; however, my ear is not trained as of yet to detect this. In the end, it did not matter to me as I enjoyed the entire recording.

Each musician has a way of taking each composition and making it their own and using their partner as a place to get answers to the call of their lovely notes that seamlessly flow out of their flutes. It is as if the ladies were pied pipers leading me into the forest of enchantment. Of course, this music is much more complex and difficult to play then some perky ditty on a woodwind; I found this to be a kind of magical frame of reference to use for my own entertainment. This is definitely a slice of heaven to be cherished and a great way to relax and appreciate one of the great masters of music.

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